I have had an interest in art for as long as I can remember, drawing and creating as a young child while growing up in rural South Australia. I was thrilled to have a painting selected to send to Canada on a school exchange program and to have two of my design works selected for printing in a school magazine. I earned the reputation as being an “arty kid”, more comfortable with a pencil in my hand than a bat or ball.

My first job was to train as a colourist/tintist, using oil paints to colour sepia studio portraits; a skill which is now well out of vogue.
Although I had a strong desire to train as an art teacher, life events took me in another direction. In the early 80’s I again acknowledged my fervent creative forces and took a course at Polytech in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I lived at the time. Principally I am a self-taught artist who enjoys attending as many workshops as I can. My approach is to explore and assess all techniques and media and incorporate exciting new discoveries to a repertoire of practiced skills. My work reflects this approach by showing a layered effect with strong design elements, giving my finished piece what I am told is a recognisable style.  An example of converging methods is shown in some of my recent work whereby I machine stitch over a painted area to highlight or contrast to form texture and interest.
I rely on travel in our own country, Australia, and overseas trips, to provide me with an array of subject matter, preferring again to avoiding the paradigms of restrictive genre. I enjoy the surprise element, searching for a take on a particular subject which is a bit quirky and striving always to come up with fresh ideas. Of course, everyday living allows for unlimited inspirational material, all of which can be translated to art by a creative mind. My motto is to redefine rather than to represent, resulting in the finished work often appearing impressionistic. Colour is an important element in my life at all levels and my work is usually vibrant with colour to suggest mood and effect.
My work is currently being shown in exhibitions throughout South Australia. 
I sell work online and at local galleries and exhibitions.
Prizes won for work include:
Most Outstanding work in any Media, Marion Council 2012-2013
Balco Highly Commended 2014
Balco Highly Commended 2015
Royal Adelaide Art Prize – second prize Landscape 2015
Royal Adelaide Art Prize – Highly Commended Mixed Media 2015
RSASA Characters of the Fleurieu - Highly Commended Mixed Media 2016

My Latest Works